SolidWorks 2014


What’s New?

Environment Themes – Ok…I have to describe how this one was introduced. The first image was a screen that had virtually EVERY toolbar on the screen active, which of course doesn’t leave you much of a graphics area for your model. (I’ve actually seen people who setup SolidWorks like this over the years…not so much these days though.) Here’s a picture below:

History Folder – The History Folder is located at the top of the FeatureManager

Replace View Model – This new feature allows you to replace the reference for a given view or views inside a Drawing. Once you bring up the feature inside a Drawing, select the view or select the checkbox for all views and browse to replace the model. All of the dimensions and annotations are preserved.

Existing View Icons – When you access the View Pallette in Drawings, SolidWorks will display an indicator (icon) as to whether or not the view is already placed in the drawing.

Display Style Context Menu – Context menus for Drawing Views now contain a dropdown menu that will allow you to change the Display Style of that particular view. (For example, from Hidden Lines Removed to Shaded with Edges)

High Quality Shaded Views – With this setting, a shaded view in the drawing will not show and “bleed through edges” on thin surfaces

Angular Running Dimensions – Ordinate Style dimensions that can be utilized around circular parts. You can add dimensions at any time. (Similar functionality to Ordinate Dimensions.)

Split Table by Row Count – In SolidWorks 2014 you will be able to split a Bill of Materials in a Drawing by row count.  When you add components to an assembly, the setting is retained and the BOM will continue to split based on the number of rows you set.

Order Independent Transparency – This appears to be a new method of applying transparency to models so that overlapping faces in the transparency blend properly. The result is a much better (and more accurate looking) rendering of the transparency. This wasn’t talked about specifically, so I had to do a little web research to make sense of it. J

Sunlight and Sunlight Animations – Sunlight is a new lighting option in the Appearances tab. It allows you to enter your location, date, and time of day to get the accurate sunlight settings. (Wow…I was surprised it goes to that much detail!) You can also you PhotoView 360 to animate the changes in sunlight position.

Network Rendering Animations – You can now use Network Rendering (which was introduced in SolidWorks 2013 for still images) in rendering animations.

CircuitWorks Thermal Properties – CircuitWorks now supports Thermal Properties such as Specific Heat & Thermal Conductivity. The properties can be imported from ECAD files or manually entered.

Link to SolidWorks Flow Simulation – SolidWorks Flow Simulation can use the above mentioned thermal properties established in CircuitWorks to runs simulations. This can reduce the amount of data input when setting up thermal studies in Flow Simulation. You have the ability to choose which CircuitWorks properties to use and which ones to ignore.