Artisteer 4.2


Support for Tumblr Themes, with Tumblr theme export available in both Home and Standard editions.

Preview for responsive web design modes & customization of each responsive view (via dropdown in the top-right corner).

Ability to specify texture or background image for the Sheet.


ImageLink visible on all slides (for example for placing a logo within a slide)

Separate slider control in layout (configurable on Slider tab) with support for page-length

Clickable logo

Clickable Slide (for making Banner-like collages)

Content editing – Duplicate pages with layout and with subpages

Custom HTML in the <HEAD> section (for example for Google Analytics)

Supporting the latest JQuery to improve template compatibility with newer Joomla and WordPress widgets and modules.

Bug fixes and improved support for WordPress and Joomla (Joomla versions up to 3.1).